As Duke Energy works to restore power, and the lights come on for some but not others, residents wonder why it can be so sporadic.

  • At last check, some 200,000 in Pinellas without power
  • Restoration efforts appear inconsistent between neighborhoods
  • Many different issues could complicate restoration

"On this side, if we have power on the west side here, the east side doesn't have power," said resident Genavers Hawkins. of his Coquina Key neighborhood. 

"It would be nice to have power at this end of course, the air, because being from up north, this is hot," said Hawkins' neighbor, "Kash."

Dispatchers at Duke Energy's Distribution Control Center are working to get crews to those areas.

Getting power restored, however, is a complicated process.

So, why do homes on one side of the street have power and those on the other do not?

"It can be so many different things," said Ana Gibbs, Spokesperson for Duke Energy. "So we could have a fuse that we have to turn back on, it could be a power line that has come down, it could be a power pole that had been snapped in half."

At last check, some 200,000 people in Pinellas County did not have power. Statewide, about 750,000 Floridians still wait for power to be restored.

"We will work all the way -- when I say all the way down the line, all the way to almost we get to your front door to ensure that you have your power back on," said Gibbs.

Until that happens, neighbors are looking out for each other.

"We have to work together with people, I believe in that," said Hawkins.