Residents are picking up the pieces after Hurricane Irma came through, and in Pasco County some homes started flooding a day or two after the storm.

Those homes were still under water Wednesday.

It was early Monday morning when the Tavernaro's knew all their hard work preparing for Irma was for naught.

"I got back in at six in the morning and started seeing water seeping through our house," said Jeff Tavernaro.

It was a flashback to just over a year ago when the family moved into their Trinity Oaks home after Tavernaro retired from a 20-year military career.

They moved in less than a month before Hermine hit and flooded the home for the first time.

Well, for them.

The family later learned there were three flood claims before. "We purchased it through a relocation company, so apparently it doesn’t have to be disclosed because they never lived here."

On Wednesday, Pasco County learned it will be included in the disaster declaration for FEMA's individual assistance. That will make it easier for residents to make claims on their homes -- the average payout is $6,000.

The family said even with a claim, they just can't go through this again.

"I think we are going to take the choice of selling it to the county, the government," Tavernaro said. "I'm going to have to take a loss I guess, but I'm not putting my family through this every year."

Paso County says so far it has encumbered about $3 million in expenses for Hurricane Irma.