A Daytona Beach church is out helping the community clean up after Hurricane Irma despite dealing with damage on its own. Homeowners are grateful for the much-needed help.

  • First Baptist Church of Daytona Beach offering storm help
  • Church volunteers helping residents who call for help
  • Church has its own damage, no power

Pastor Jay Gibson is grabbing his ladder to help homeowners after Irma left widespread damage in Volusia County.

"With still a list that continues to grow everyday," said Gibson, Connections pastor of First Baptist Church.

The First Baptist Church of Daytona Beach has already helped more than a dozen of those in need before and after the storm.

"There are so many people that are a part of our church and the community that can't do this stuff for themselves," said Gibson.

First Gibson assessed the damage then later students of all ages and volunteers with the church will come out to help, whether it is trees down or roof work needed.

"This here what Bobby has is priority, because the roof is exposed, the sunlight is coming into her bedroom, and so the rain will come into her bedroom as well. So we need to get it taken care of," said Gibson.

Gibson stopped by a resident's home Wednesday whose roof caved in during the storm.

"I heard it crash 9:30 in the morning and when I went in, like 3-foot had fallen in on the floor, and the rest fell on my head my neck and my back," said resident Bobbi Lou.

While Bobbi's roof gets patched up, others will also get help before the church helps itself.

First Baptist sustained damage and is also without power.

"Opportunities like this help us to inspire people, and good days are coming and things will get better. We're encouraging people, knowing that they're not alone, knowing that neighbors care, people care. From my perspective, I serve because I've been served," said Gibson.

Bobbi was grateful knowing help is on the way.

"Thanking God that's there's good people," said Bobbi.

If you'd like to help out, they're looking for volunteers and materials to help complete the work in this community. Call the church at 386-846-0147.