Another big concern in the Bay area is gas - or lack of it. 

Many stations are without gas or down to dwindling supplies. 

There is better news Tuesday as the Coast Guard and Port Tampa Bay officials anticipate opening the port, which will allow tankers to arrive with more fuel shipments. 

Still, other gas stations still remain closed due to power outages. 

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson is working toward a solution to keep this scenario from happening again. 

Nelson wrote a letter to the Department of Energy asking they create a gas supply reserve for emergencies. The DOE created something similar for the northeast region after Superstorm Sandy. 

In the letter, Nelson said: "In the wake of Hurricane Irma, I urge you to consider using your authority to create a similar gasoline supply reserve for the State of Florida.  

"A Florida Gasoline Supply Reserve would ensure that residents and first responders have access to an emergency supply of fuel, and help prevent the shortages that may have kept some from evacuating and may hinder recover efforts going forward."

Meanwhile, some storm-weary residents have been using and the gasbuddy app to track down functioning gas stations.