A 51-year-old man appears to have been killed by a downed power line in Winter Park during storms caused by Hurricane Irma, police said.

Winter Park Police said an officer responded to Leith Avenue and Westchester Avenue at about 7:22 a.m. Monday, where a man's body was in the roadway.

It appears the man, identified as Brian Paul Buwalda, had been killed by a downed power line, police said. The Medical Examiner's Office will determine the exact cause of death.

Hurricane Irma made landfall at Marco Island on Sunday afternoon and moved up the west coast, where it crossed over west Central Florida late Sunday night.

Three other people were killed as Florida felt the effects from Irma. A Sunday afternoon crash that killed a motorist on State Road 417 in the Orlando area was attributed to Irma by Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs. In Hardee County, a deputy leaving a shift at a Hurricane Irma shelter and a corrections sergeant headed into work at the Hardee County Correctional Institution collided in a head-on crash that killed both drivers.