Parts of southern Brevard County remain without power in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

  • Some area remain without power
  • Hurricane Irma dumped 15 inches of rain
  • Storm caused flooding, damage

The storm dumped 15 inches of rain in 12 hours.

There were three tornadoes during the course of the storm, emergency officials confirmed. Twenty-eight structures were damaged or destroyed on the Space Coast.

A day after the storm there wasn’t much change in the Palm Bay Point area, where a EF1 tornado plowed through.

Debris from the roof of a two-story home on the Indian River is still scattered over several properties.  Mobile homes on Indian River Drive, off US-1, that were ravaged by the tornado are still in shambles. One is damaged beyond repair.

In the Grant-Valkaria area of south Brevard, heavy rain flooded roadways, making them impassible for drivers trying to get to their homes.

Bart Stanley, who lives near Corey Road, now has a lake in front of his house. Monday morning he and his family were able to make it through the water covering his driveway.

"We are just in the middle of water," he said. "I got seven acres and the house is sticking up in the middle, the driveway is under eight inches of water."

A couple of kids made the best of the situation with some impromptu wake-boarding in the overflowing culverts along the roadway.

Through all the strong winds and heavy rains, no injuries were reported.

The Brevard County Emergency Management officials said they are down from 21 to 10 shelters.

Traffic lights are still out in the area, so drivers are urged to use caution at those intersections, especially the ones not manned by police officers.