In less than 48 hours, more than 70 vehicles were broken into in areas of Altamonte Springs and Maitland this weekend.

  • Friday: 35 car break-ins in Altamonte Springs
  • Saturday: 37 car break-ins in Maitland
  • Police working to see if they are connected

Thirty-five vehicles were burglarized in Altamonte Springs Friday, and then 37 other cars were broken into on Saturday morning.

A woman who lives at one of the places hit in Altamonte Springs said she feels she wasn't alerted quick enough to the break-ins.

“It’s very frightening to come out and see all these cars broken, I mean there is glass everywhere. You just see all these cars now with trash bags on their car windows and it’s frightening," said Amy Lapsley.

Altamonte Springs police said the 35 vehicle burglaries happened in the area of Wymore Road and Douglas Avenue, and were mostly smash and grabs.

Then just 24 hours later, nearby Maitland Police was called to more than 30 car break-ins at the Park Lake Townhomes and The Courtney at Lake Shadow Apartments.

In some instances, no property was taken, but the damage left behind is still unnerving for neighbors.

“It makes me angry and scared, but more than anything I’m angry that it's happening in this neighborhood," said Amy. "Like I said, this is a good neighborhood, these are good hardworking people that are just trying to make a living. We can’t afford to be replacing windows on these cars."

Maitland Police said they will be working with Altamonte Springs Police to determine if these burglaries are all connected.

Both police departments say there is no surveillance video of the burglars at this time, but a witness in Maitland told officers they saw four people smash a car window and then leave in a small red Ford SUV.