A forum at the University of Central Florida was held Monday evening to discuss the proposed changes to health care.  

Some of the big topics included were block grants, Medicaid, high risk pools and operating costs.

Many people on both sides of the issue feel unsure about the future of health care.

“With these draconian cuts to Medicaid, I won’t be able to afford my medication, and it’s not just me,” said Marshall Stern, a heart transplant patient.  

He doesn’t believe the current proposed changes will allow him to afford his transplant medication.

“What I was told when I contacted Senator Rubio, ‘Don’t worry, you will get private insurance, we will give you vouchers for private insurance.’ No voucher they are going to give me is going to cover insurance that is going to pay me $100,00 a year for drugs, it’s absurd,” said Stern.  

But others are happy to see possible change coming.

“I am happy with the process of trying to repeal and replace Obamacare. I do have some issues with the American Health Care Act. I think a lot of people on both sides of the aisle have a lot of issues with the American Health Care Act,” said Sean Hartman, UCF Student.

But along with education, Monday brought a push locally to take a stand.

“What can we do on the ground, what can we do in Florida, what can we do in the grassroots? So instead of being top down, it will be health care from the grassroots, and then to the state, and then federal,” said Melanie Gold, the event organizer.  

And even though many different opinions came together to discuss the controversial topic, one opinion did seem to be clear when it comes to health.

“I want the heart, I want the humanity put back into this. I want to see Republicans and Democrats get together with the common purpose of doing something that is good for the people,” said Stern.  

House Republicans passed their version of the health care bill in early May.