If you hear loud booming sounds on the coast this weekend it may not be weather-related. 

  • Thunder on Cocoa Beach races into town
  • The event brings in thousands of dollars each year
  • Races take place Sunday

The annual Thunder on Cocoa Beach is roaring into town. 

"I was always into boating as a kid, I used to watch off shore power boat races in New Jersey where I are up,” said Jay Muller, throttle man for WHM Motor Sports. 

But what was once a hobby for Muller, quickly turned into a career. He's been racing boats for 27 years. 

"Never took a year off,” Muller said. “Won a few championships in the past too." 

Now Muller is back in Cocoa Beach for one of the area's largest and most anticipated super boat races of the year.

"The race fans absolutely love it, it's stadium seating they can sit right there on the beach and watch those boats race up to 200 miles an hour," said race director Kerry Bartlett. "It's just a fantastic community event.”

It's an event that makes a huge impact on Cocoa Beach's economy. It's estimated to bring in $12 million every year. 

Officials say it's grown too.  To put it in perspective, 30,000 people attended in 2010. Last year, more than 150,000 people attended. 

"I think the sport is growing huge, because we have television coverage now and you can tell the fans are really getting into it and I think this sport has really evolved,” Muller said. 

Thunder on Cocoa Beach kicks off Friday, but the actual races won't begin until Sunday. 

You can catch them warming up on the water and practicing Saturday afternoon.