Update (10:03 p.m.):

A dog that was abandoned by its new owners has been found safe, the SPCA of Brevard said Thursday evening.

  • Star was abandoned by her new owners
  • She was found in the Winter Springs area
  • The family also abandoned another dog named Copper

The adoption group had been searching for Star, a three-and-a-half-year-old dog who was dumped by a family that had recently adopted her.

She was located in Winter Springs, where she was last spotted.

A Seminole County family had adopted Star and another dog named Copper, who they also abandoned. Copper was found earlier.

Members of the SPCA said Star was taken back to the shelter in Titusville.

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A Brevard based animal adoption group is desperate to find a dog abandoned by people who took it home just weeks ago.

The animal is one of two they adopted, and dumped, after promising to give them a safe place to live.

Star, a three-and-a-half-year-old dog, was with the SPCA of Brevard for more than a year, after being rescued from a South Florida high kill shelter.

"We saved her life, and she became part of our lives for over a year," said Susan Naylor of the SPCA of Brevard.

Fellow pup Copper, a two-and-a-half-year-old pit mix, became a favorite of the Titusville shelter.

He stayed at the facility for months, waiting for a loving family to take him home.

"And when they found a home, we were beyond thrilled," said Naylor.

That home was with a Seminole County couple, who promised a great life for both dogs on their 200-acre property.

The SPCA says they got frequent texts with pictures of how good the pups were doing. Until Tuesday.

"It ended up being a horrible situation for both these dogs," Naylor said.

A phone call came in from Seminole County Animal Services, a micro-chipped stray dog had been found abandoned at a Longwood dog park.

SPCA workers drove 100 miles to pick up Copper, who had been left by his new owners. He was skinny, dirty and scared.

But, where was Star?

Workers spoke to the couple who claimed they gave her to another family. Turns out it, that wasn't true. Star was also abandoned, last seen in a wooded area of Winter Springs near Seminola Boulevard.

"We understand things change sometimes, but we want people to be responsible," Naylor said. "If they can't keep their pets, do the right thing by their pets."  

Part of that responsibility is known when paperwork is signed. It's illegal to abandon an adopted pet.

The SPCA pleads with people to return the animals, or let them know if they are given to a new home.

In the meantime, Copper is safe, but Star is still out missing.

The people who cared for her for more than a year desperately want to find her.

"It's heartbreaking, she's a very important dog to us," Naylor said.

If you find Star, or have any information call the SPCA of Brevard at 321-749-7524.