Police at University of Central Florida say a campus bookstore employee stole college textbooks -- $20,000 worth.

Officers arrested Jose Alonzo last week.

The bookstore says they received an email from an off-campus bookstore last month, alerting them that Alonzo was allegedly selling textbooks repeatedly at the store, sometimes the same textbook title two or three times. 

Bookstore managers say surveillance video shows Alonzo selecting and then concealing books in his shirt, and then walking out without paying. 

Police say Alonzo confessed to stealing the books over a period of 14 months. He stole and then sold 110 different textbooks to off-campus bookstores. The books were worth about $20,952. 

Alonzo told police he needed the money to eat and pay rent, because he was in debt. Police say Alonzo took full responsibility and agreed to pay back the bookstore.