Phi Delta Theta fraternity is on temporary suspension while the University of Central Florida investigates an alleged hazing incident.

  • Phi Delta Theta fraternity on suspension at UCF
  • Hazing hotline tip said student felt psychologically harmed by hazing

The investigation is based on a tip that came into the school's hazing hotline. The emailed tip came in on Jan. 5, but it was not addressed until the hotline was checked on Jan. 20.

In the email the source says an unidentified freshman rushing Phi Delta Theta was seeking help because pledging the fraternity had become a "psychologically harming" experience that "as taken a toll on him both mentally and physically."

Jan. 5 was a Thursday, and the writer of the email warned the fraternity's "Hell Week" started the following Saturday, and they worried this student and other kids might be negatively impacted. 

UCF confirmed there was an investigation and sent a report, but would not comment further because the investigation is ongoing.