President Donald Trump will push school choice Friday when he comes to an Orlando Catholic school.

The president is expected to visit St. Andrews School on Hastings Street.

St. Andrews is located in the Pine Hills area of Orlando. The school has been around since 1962.

The White House is billing the trip as a "listening session" on school choice. 

Trump wants to bring dramatically expand school choice in the country, including voucher availability.

Florida is a pioneer for school vouchers. Although the original voucher program was overturned by the state Supreme Court, Florida utilitizes "scholarships" to pay for a voucher system. Corporations gets tax credits if they contribute money to scholarship-funding organizations.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is a major advocate for school choice, and worked closely with Gov. Jeb Bush on his education foundation.

Among President Trump's guests to his joint address to Congress Tuesday night is a young woman who used the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program to go to private school.

No word on what time this event is happening, or if it will be open to the public.