A Leesburg Police officer was shot at Monday night during a traffic stop, police said.

  • Bicyclist accused of firing shot at police officer
  • Officer pulled man on bike over for traffic violation
  • Officer was not injured

Officer Travonte Kitchen pulled over a man riding a bicycle on U.S. Highway 441 for a traffic violation.

Kitchen asked the man to show his hands, according to the police report. The man fidgeted with his hooded jacket, keeping his hands hidden, police said.

Kitchen requested for backup while asking the man to show his hands. The man turned around, police said, and fired a shot at Kitchen.

The bullet hit the windshield of the patrol car. Kitchen returned fire, but it’s not known if the suspect was injured.

Police said Kitchen chased the suspect down Lake Street but could not locate him.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene to assist with the search.

The suspect is still at large.