Governor Rick Scott is asking why State Attorney Aramis Ayala missed a deadline to file a notice to seek the death penalty in an Osceola County murder case.

A letter from the Office of the Governor sent on Dec. 4 requested information from State Attorney Ayala by Dec. 11.

Gov. Scott wants a number of things by next Monday.

First, he wants to know the date when the death penalty review panel recommended lethal injection against Emerita Mapp, who is accused of stabbing Zackery Ganoe at a motel in Kissimmee earlier this year.

The Governor also wants the date Ayala accepted that recommendation.

After State Attorney Ayala was elected, she was not happy with Florida's death penalty procedures and said she wouldn't pursue it for any case.

Gov. Scott said she couldn't do that, and the state Supreme Court backed him up.

The formation of this death penalty review board followed.

Gov. Scott is also seeking the procedures of the panel, the number of cases reviewed and the number that have resulted in a unanimous decision to seek the death penalty.

State Attorney Ayala's office says at this point, Ayala will not be commenting on camera.

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