Taking a cue from a growing list of Florida municipalities that have passed ordinances prohibiting traditional vehicles from parking in spaces anchored by electric vehicle charging stations, new legislation would impose a uniform statewide fine of $30.

  • New measure could fine traditional cars parked at charging stations
  • Charging stations often occupy prime parking lot spots
  • SB 1082 also aims to change driving behavior  

By standardizing the penalty, the measure (SB 1082) could also raise public awareness of the perils of parking in a charging station space without a compatible car.

"I think it's a good endeavor for them to mandate it," said Bobby Brooks, who drives a hybrid Chevrolet Volt. "I mean, it's kind of like we put trashcans out all over the place for litter and people still throw stuff on the side of the road.”

“You should get fined for that, too, so I think you should get fined if you park in a space you're not supposed to park in," Brooks added.

The charging station spots often occupy prime parking lot real estate at shopping centers, workplace complexes and university campuses.

Because some can go unused for days or weeks at a time, drivers of combustion engine-only vehicles are frequently tempted to slide on in.

The legislation is aimed at simplifying the state's patchwork of charging station enforcement ordinances as much as it is changing driver behavior.

"If I were an electric-only car, unlike the Volt, which goes both ways, I'd probably be irritated, especially if I needed electricity," Brooks said.