The holiday season means busy roads for travelers.

AAA says a record number will hit the road and skies this year, expecting around 107 million people to travel.

That's one reason the Florida Highway Patrol is stepping up patrols throughout the state to keep drivers safe.

"We'll have all of our troopers out on the road. Any administrative functions are suspended for the holiday travel season," Lt. Channing Taylor explained.

FHP is cautioning drivers to leave plenty of time so they aren't rushing on the road.

One of their main concerns is drowsy driving, one reason troopers will be offering a "coffee break." That's when troopers will hand out coffee to drivers at rest stops.

"We want to do absolutely everything this holiday to make sure people's attention is on the road and they aren't fighting that fatigue," Taylor said.

Most of all, troopers want to keep crashes to a minimum as this is a time of year they see a rise in bad accidents.

"Nothing is worse during the holidays than getting in a crash, or arrested, or worse," Taylor said.

FHP also wants to remind people that you can not stop your car on the interstate to rest or sleep.