Three Florida dairy farm employees have been arrested after undercover videos allegedly showed them abusing dairy cows. 

Mario Hernandez, 31, is charged with causing cruel death and pain and suffering--which is a felony. 

Fernando Lopez Cruz, 44, and Naul Garcia, 31, both face misdemeanor charges of cruelty to animals. 

The ongoing investigation started after the Animal Recovery Mission group released videos showing the cows being abused at a Dairy Farm in Okeechobee. 

ARM's video shows the dairy cows being tormented, beaten, and chased down with PVC piping and other homemade tools. ARM said one of the tools included a kitchen knife attached to the end of a PVC pipe and it was thrust into the side of the cows. 

Investigators said there's a warrant out for the arrest of a fourth person and they still have hundreds of hours of video to go through.