Melbourne Police are trying to determine who put credit card skimmers on BP gas station pumps at the intersection of Apollo Boulevard and Sarno Road.

  • Card skimmers found on Melbourne BP gas pumps
  • Law requires retailers to protect consumers from ID theft
  • Police investigating whether customers have fallen victim

One was discovered by a clerk just this morning — the other skimmer was found on Nov. 6.

The clerk called police just after 7 a.m. to report a credit card skimming device found on pump three.

The worker was checking the pumps and found that the seals were not sealed properly — but that's not all.

The clerk also told the officer that she found another skimming device on pump five this past Monday. She removed the device herself but did not notify police, saying the store was too busy.

When reaching out to the store owner for comment, he declined an interview.

Legislators recently passed a law through the Florida Department of Agriculture to help protect consumers from ID theft.

The legislation requires retailers to place pressure-sensitive security tape over the panel opening leading to the scanning device, plus a device rendering the fuel measuring device inoperable if there is an unauthorized opening. It also requires a system to encrypt customer payment info.

"We check every day to make sure the seals are properly on," said Ravi Thakker, who owns a Brevard beach-side gas station on South Patrick Drive, a couple miles from the Melbourne BP.

He just got new seals on Thursday and secured them on each of his pumps.

Thakker said protecting his patrons is his top priority.

"We are very careful with our customers," he said.

The two BP skimmers make a total of 22 reported in Brevard County this year, of the 500 total reported statewide. Police are now working to figure out if any customers' accounts have fallen victim.

If you think you might be a victim, or have more information, call Melbourne Police.