Monday is an important deadline for those who want to have their Hurricane Irma-related debris picked up on the curb in unincorporated Orange County.

The county’s public works department is asking residents to have all of their storm-related debris placed curbside by Monday.

Orange County Public Works stated it has collected more than 640,000 cubic yards of vegetative debris.

The county is also collecting construction and demolition material, like fences that may have been destroyed during the hurricane.

However, the county advised residents that they need to make sure they separate their piles.

“The main issue is people are putting construction debris with the vegetative. And sometimes, we will miss that pile on purpose because of the mixed debris, and they’ll wonder why we missed their piled debris. So we have to go back and explain why and then work it out and separate that debris,” explained Orange County Public Works Project Manager Frank Yokiel.

Contractors are expected to finish collecting curbside debris sometime in December.

The county still has two open debris drop-off locations.

  • Rose Place Park: 8200 Old Winter Garden Rd.
  • Northwest Water Reclamation Facility: 701 W. McCormickRd.