Bears are on the move across Central Florida this time of year, with three separate encounters in Seminole County neighborhoods recently.

In the Bookertown Park area of Sanford on Friday, two bears hung out in a tree for a while, climbing down and sprinting off just after 4 p.m.

The family park on Richard Allen Street includes a kids playground.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials say bears are looking for more food than usual this time of year.

In Altamonte Springs, Gabi Weaver said a black bear has become a little too comfortable with her home.

“He goes under the house and sleeps about three-quarters of the way down,” Weaver said. “Apparently it’s nice and comfy back there. I don’t know how to deter him from being there.”

She said the black bear used to show up about once a month, but this past week, she says it’s been by every day.

Weaver called Seminole County, which sent armed deputies who tried to force the bear to move.

A black bear has taken up residence under an Altamonte Springs woman's guest house. (Courtesy of Gabi Weaver)

Armed Seminole County deputies recently came to the house to try to dispatch the bear, but the resident says it just came back later. (Courtesy of Gabi Weaver)

The bear did move, but Weaver said it returned after the deputies left.

She called wildlife officers, but Weaver said no one came out.

“Do I have to have one of my children hurt for them to relocate this bear? It’s obviously becoming a nuisance,” Weaver asked.

Asked about it by phone, FWC said it had no reported incidents with the bear, which it said should eventually leave the area if left alone.

But Weaver is concerned her family is stuck with the bear — and a fear of what could happen if it becomes aggressive. Just this past weekend, a Longwood family's dog was killed by a bear.

“The bear has decided this is his home away from home, and apparently I don’t have any recourse than to just let him live here,” she said.

WATCH: Bears in Sanford tree