Once again, Black Friday is making an appearance on Thursday at some of your major retail stores.

On Wednesday, the parking lot for the Walmart on East Colonial Drive was full of people picking up those last minute Thanksgiving dinner fixings, and people who were getting prepared for Black Friday.

"I’m a pro at Black Friday. There is always something that I need. So, I come out before Black Friday. I research the item that I want so that when I come, I come right to that item." said Walmart shopper Willetta Lockett on Tuesday.

Mapping out her plan of attack, Lockett says experienced shoppers, like herself, know those Black Friday crowds are just part of the fun.

"Oh I love the chaotic — I love that!" Lockett said. "I love seeing people rip open the plastic and grab things — as long as it's done without any violence or anything."  

With thousands expected to pack Walmart on Thursday evening for those Black Friday deals, managers say they are ready.

"We have a great plan in place to make sure everything gets out when people are ready for the sale," said one Walmart Store Manager, Joe Clemente, Wednesday.

Walmart Black Friday deals begin Thursday at 6 p.m. and online at 12:01 a.m.

For more information on those deals and where to find them you can visit, visit our Black Friday page.