A 15-year-old female student has been charged with a felony after allegedly threatening to bomb and shoot up Timber Creek High School.

  • Timber Creek student threatens to bomb, shoot up school
  • Student has been charged with a felony
  • Investigators think 15-year-old girl reported threat herself

"I'm going to shoot this s**t up" and "Don't come to school 11-17-17" were written on a Timber Creek girls bathroom mirror and tile. "Blowing up this b***h 11-17-17," was also written in a bathroom stall.

The student reported to the school that she found the threat herself, according to a Orlando County Sheriff's Office news release. But when detectives interviewed witnesses, they said they saw the student who reported the threat in the bathroom for an extended period.

Detectives then matched the writing in the bathroom with the student's writing from schoolwork and determined that the writing style was similar, the Sheriff's Office said.

The student is reportedly cooperating with investigators on the threats and her possible involvement.

She is being charged with threatening to throw, project, place or discharge a destructive device and taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

This was just the first false threat of the week for Orange County Public Schools. On Wednesday, Windermere High school was put on lockdown because a student falsely reported that there were people with guns in the bathrooms and hallways.

“This is no laughing matter, this is no joke. It takes a lot of manpower to put these searches together,” said Capt. Angelo Nieves. “It can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars. Because of the fact that you have up to 50 police officers, and this is multiple agencies that respond, not only Orange County, you have assisting agencies that respond as well, you have the fire department.”

At Windermere High School, this was the second lock down this school year. Parents, law enforcement and community members all agree this is two times too many.

“We never heard with what happened with the last time, so I will be anxious to see if they let us know what happened this time. And I would be anxious to know what their plan is to keep me from standing on the corner and wondering if my child is going to be OKonce a month,” said Nieves.

The plan, at least from law enforcement, is urging parents to talk to their kids. They said any report of a threat will always be taken seriously.

“When people are making a genuine, honest report of something, that is what they are doing. And we encourage that. What we are talking about today is false information,” said Nieves.