Boating restrictions along the St. Johns River in Seminole County were lifted Thursday, two months after Hurricane Irma caused flooding along the river.

  • Seminole lifts some boating restrictions on St. Johns River
  • Some boat ramps have reopened, others remain closed
  • All river gauges have returned to normal, county says

Because of the flooding, boat ramps were closed. Two executive orders banned boating between sunset and sunrise and enacted a no-wake zone on the river in Seminole County.

All river gauges have returned to normal and are now below flood stages, Seminole County spokeswoman Ashley Moore said in an email.

"C.S. Lee Boat Ramp at Lake Harney near the Seminole/Volusia County line has been opened, but other county boat ramps will remained closed until deemed safe to open," Moore said.

The rising waters impacted homeowners and businesses alike along the St. Johns. Earlier in the month, Astor's Floridian Inn owner Leilani Hutchinson said she has had very little no business since the beginning of September.

"While boating restrictions will be lifted, boaters are encouraged to practice safe boating, slowing near bridges, and should follow all channel markers," cautioned Moore.