The Lake County Sheriff's Office said that they arrested a teenager accused of sending a Snapchat to a friend, hinting at violent intentions.

  • Teen sent Snapchat to friend, showing firearm
  • Said "I'm going to Lake Mineola to finish what never started"
  • Deputies say the Snapchat was a joke

Deputies charged a 16-year-old with Written Threats to Kill or do Bodily Harm, a 2nd degree felony. They say he admitted to sending a Snapchat to his friend, a Lake County student, showing him with a firearm.

The Snapchat said, "I'm going to Lake Mineola to finish what never started." 

The teen was identified and caught at a traffic stop, where a pellet gun was found in his car, according to the sheriff's office. Authorities say the teen said it was done in jest and he had no intentions of doing anything. 

"A lot of times kids think that they can post this stuff and never have to answer for it," said Lt. John Herrell. "Or they think because they’re posting it in jest that nothing's going to come of it. But we take this stuff very seriously, and they need to realize there's serious consequences for it." 

The sheriff's office stated it did not believe there was a threat to Lake Minneola High School.​

Lake County school officials say 1,800 students attend Lake Minneola High School, but only 768 students were in attendance on Wednesday. Absences are being excused this week. 

The Snapchat was sent the same day 17-year-old Seth Sutherland killed himself at Lake Minneola High School​.