One person died after several vehicles hit three cows on SR 40 Friday night. 

  • One killed after hitting a cow in the roadway
  • Three cows got out of fence enclosure
  • Three vehicles hit all three cows
  • Lawrence Allegro suffered fatal injuries

The crash occurred around 11:50 p.m. at SR 40 and Seymour Road in Volusia County. 

Troopers said three cows had gotten out of a fence enclosure and were in the roadway when two vehicles--one traveling eastbound and one traveling westbound-hit two of the cows. 

The collision caused one of the vehicles to travel in the eastbound lane and hit the other head-on. 

One of the drivers, Lawrence Allegro, 61, was transported to Halifax Medical Center where he died. 

Troopers also said after the collision, a semi truck entered the crash scene and hit the third cow. 

All three cows died and the crash remains under investigation.