A man at Orlando International Airport may have used a poor choice of words Thursday night when, according to Orlando Police, he yelled that his bag was "about to explode" — while Vice President Mike Pence was there visiting.

Just after 5 p.m., an arrest affidavit says, Fred Allen Gray of Dade City — who turned 42 years old on the day of the incident — asked an airport employee at the East Information Desk if she noticed his bag.

"'It's about to explode. It's about to explode,'" the employee recalled Gray screaming, the affidavit stated. "He said it so loud the passengers standing around me ran away scared."

A Transportation Security Administration officer also heard Gray use the same words and notified his dispatcher.

Gray told a responding Orlando Police officer that when he (repeatedly) said his bag was about to explode, he meant that his bag was about to break open and his stuff was going to come out, the officer wrote in the affidavit.

Gray also told the officer that it was a free country and he is allowed to say what he wants, adding that he doesn't like "these people" and that he does not care about "Vice President Pence."

Pence was at the airport at the time to meet with people in Central Florida who are part of the Puerto Rico relief effort. The president of Panama was also there.

Gray faces two charges of making a false bomb threat.

Orlando Police requested no bond for Gray until Pence departed Orlando.