One man's football coaching career has helped grow a local Brevard community and shape its youth.

Coach Tony Brown grew up in Brevard County, graduated from Rockledge High School and now coaches the school's football team.

He has coached both high school and Pop Warner teams since 2001. He knows the importance the sport has on the community.

"It's very important to help keep these kids off the streets," Brown said. "Everybody knows there are struggles around here, and football is an outlet for them. So we do this to help create a better life for them."

Over his 18-year career, Brown has led his teams to multiple state championships and tournament wins, but he has also helped create a better life for his students.

Many of his players went on to Florida State, Florida International University and a host of other schools on scholarships to continue playing football.

"I want them to learn football, but I want them to learn to always give back always at all times," Brown said. "If you do something good, something good will happen in return. I want something good to happen to these kids. That's what I get joy out of seeing smiles on people's face."

His friends, family and students agree his drive to help improve the area over the past two decades has helped shape the community.

"He motivates us and teaches us to be better kids outside of football, in the classrooms, in the community. Everyday he teaches us something different," Rockledge High Senior Jashaun Corbin said.

Renae Hooks, a longtime friend of Brown, said Brown doesn't ask for anything.

"It's just, 'I’m here, I grew up here, I want to support my community,'" she said. "That will always be his thing. He wants to support his community."