A Seminole County judge will serve a 30-day suspension for her comments on Facebook.

Last month, the State Supreme Court recommended Judge Debra Krause be suspended for 30 days without pay after she called another woman a liar on Facebook.

Krause urged followers on Facebook to bombard a page of another judicial candidate with complaints in 2011. Krause’ husband was running a judicial campaign at the time:

"Susan Stacey is again misrepresenting. … to try and make Mitch look unethical and without integrity. Could you all take a minute and POST on Ms. Stacey's campaign site that having ethics and integrity means TELLING THE TRUTH! Please post as soon as possible. I want to flood the post!"

Krause admitted that, while her husband was a judicial candidate, she one time used social media to seek the assistance of her friends to help her husband correct perceived misstatements of his judicial opponent, according to the court's stipulation.

She later apologized, while explaining that the posting was intended to be a private message to her friends.

The state's high court also ordered Judge Krause pay a $25,000 fine and be publicly reprimanded in a separate case involving campaign violations in 2012.