The highly anticipated Apple Watch is now officially available. People who have pre-ordered it could see the watch in their mail box on Friday.

With that news, one local application designer decided to make an Apple Watch app that will help people call their loved ones when they have a seizure.

“Basically it’s a panic button,” SeizAlarm designer Greg Pabst said.

The panic button design used by the app was partially designed for the Apple Watch.

“I kind of saw a need in the iPhone market, especially after the announcement of the Apple Watch," Pabst said. "I thought it would help people with epilepsy.”

He knows a lot about epilepsy and seizures because nine years ago he started having auras, otherwise known as partial seizures. They work like warning signs that a seizure about to happen.

While every aura is different for everyone, Pabst told us his start with a buzzing sound.

“So that happened for several months," he said. "Then I had a grand-mal seizure.”

Pabst had his seizure at work, so people immediately called 911. However, he has had two other seizures since then and every time he is concerned he could be seriously injured and no one will be around to help.

“My plan was with this app to give people that comfort that ability to request help if they sense a seizure coming," he said.

If you start experiences symptoms of a seizure you just needs to click one button on the application. It automatically sets a timer. If you start seizing when the timer runs out, your emergency contacts are instantly notified.

“You don’t have a lot of time if you get these auras, these warning signs, so the big thing is being able to request help if you need it," he said.

Every year up to 50,000 Americans die from seizures and related causes, according to the Epilepsy Foundation.

Pabst says giving people the ability to tell their loved ones they need help before they seize could help reduce that number.