If you feel like summer's passing you by, there's a set of resorts with pools where summer is just getting started.

Take a look into the windows of Loews newest resort and quickly discover what's popular here. Inflatable rafts line the windows in guest rooms several stories above the ground.

"Wonderful pool. We love it,” said Jerry Roek, a visitor from Michigan.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort at Universal Orlando features vintage vacation architecture and two giant pools.

"They did a great job modeling it after a 50s resort,” Jerry believes.

At Cabana Bay, you'll find a slide, zero entry pool and what may be the most popular amenity, a lazy river like those found at each of Orlando's waterparks. Waterfalls, mist and liquid cannons are part of the fun, late into the night.

"This time of year, most of our pools are staying open until 11 p.m. So that means if you spent a great day at the theme parks, the best way to come and unwind after your adventures is to get into the pool or jump into the lazy river and take a lap around the river,” said Jennifer Hodges with Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando.

The party continues at the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando.

Where else can you find a concert poolside each afternoon? Here, the sprawling pool is surrounded by lush landscaping a sandy beach complete with recliners.

"You walk right into the water like you're at the ocean," said Molly Ford, the Hard Rock Hotel’s "Vibe Manager."

Molly is paid to cruise the hotel and make sure everyone is having a good time. That means, with her smart phone, she can make your favorite song play on the pool's underwater speakers.

"We have awesome underwater sound system. Twelve speakers underwater, you can hear it clearer in the water than outside the water,” she said.

Other amenities at this inland oasis include a waterside and a sand volleyball court. And there's no reason to leave the pool when servers can create a picnic just feet from the water.

"It's like being a rock star. You sit around and we bring you food and drinks,” Molly said as a family eats lunch behind with their feet in the sand.

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