A 21-year old Marion County man was shot to death in a Walmart parking lot on Wednesday, July 9, 2014.

T.J. Brown was killed as dozens of his friends and their young children watched.

The shooter was questioned and released.

Young people around Silver Springs shores know the Walmart parking lot is the the place to be on Wednesday nights for the weekly truck meet.

Brown, a 21-year-old landscaper, was in the crowd showing off his red Chevrolet truck.

“T.J. just wanted to have fun; he wanted to get his truck stuck in just about anything that was muddy," said Faith Parish, T.J.'s friend.

The video shows where Brown's truck ended up late Wednesday night, in the flower bed of the Walmart parking lot.

T.J. Brown was shot and killed after a fight; friends say it was over money, but investigators aren’t releasing details.

Tire tracks show where the shooter took off in his SUV, deputies tracked him down in the Ocklawaha area.

The shooter was questioned and released, with the case turned over to the State Attorney’s Office.

Flowers that Brown took care of for a customer were placed in a makeshift memorial inside a shopping cart Thursday.

Many of the dozens who came out to remember him were wearing shirts from the last vigil they attended, for Brown’s girlfriend killed in a motorcycle accident less than a mile from the fatal shooting.

“It just really sucks. That was like my brother, I grew up with the kid, anytime I called him he would be there," said Jay King, T.J.'s friend. "It just sucks it had to be like that, the dude was a coward for pulling a gun.”

Investigators aren’t releasing the shooter’s name, loved ones told News 13 he and Brown were longtime friends.

One friend told News 13 the truck meets have been ruined, because blood has been spilled where it’s supposed to be all friends.