On your mark, get set, pedal.

"It is, literally, 100 percent pedal power,” said Steve Tishman, owner from the Limo Cycle.

In Seminole County, there is a different type of limousine rolling through the streets, one you and 11 of your friends power yourself.

"Top speed downhill, with a strong tailwind, 10 mph,” Steve said.

The entrepreneur takes folks on a sightseeing tour through Sanford, with a twist.

"When everybody is pedaling, it rolls pretty easy,” said David Shaber, a weekend cyclist.

What started in the Netherlands and then grew in the United States from Minneapolis, has now rolled into 40 cities, including Sanford.

"You get a little workout when you are pedaling, definitely!” shared Sue Roe, an Orlando resident since 1977. “That adds to the fun."

Twelve people at a time makes the limo bike move.

"If nobody pedals, the cycle does not move,” Steve said.

The only pedal you find at Steve's feet is the brake.

"I feel like I have enough responsibility rather than having to make it move,” he joked.

There's room for three other passengers to rest and take in the sights and sounds.

"Honestly, you feel like a rock star when you are driving around,” Steve said about how folks on Sanford’s sidewalk cafés look on in amazement.

Creature comforts as you roll along include overhead storage, a rocking stereo system, water spraying misters, fans and beverage holders.

"We do allow beer and wine onboard and we do have a place for a keg,” Steve explained. “We also have two coolers built into the floor to keep your cans cold."

"It is an eco-friendly party on wheels,” said passenger Jenny Dudek.

Tours last two hours and make rest stops along the way.

"It was nice and relaxing and it was a chance to see a part of central Florida I am not familiar with,” Jenny said.

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