A judge said the city of Orlando has the right to take over land to build the new Major League Soccer stadium, and the owners have no say.

The owners have until March 1 to get out.

Orlando tried to buy two pieces of property near the intersection of West Church Street and South Parramore Avenue, but the owners said no. So the city went to court.

On Friday, won the right to take what's called "eminent domain action.

Eminent domain is "the power of a governmental entity to take private property for public use."

Under the law, the city will have to pay for the land. But the court still needs to rule on how much.

Friday's ruling does not include a church on the same block.

Faith Deliverance Faith church has rejected the city's offer to buy the property for $1.5 million dollars, saying they wanted $40 million.

The city now plans to use eminent domain to acquire the church's land. Orlando city leaders say they are still willing to negotiate with Faith Deliverance Temple church.

We have asked the church for a statement, but have not heard back.

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