The sound of falling water greets visitors just off of I-4.

"We really created a destination where the pool is the destination," shares Gary Dybul with the Orlando World Center Marriott.

"The Falls Oasis" is fittingly the name for one of the largest swimming pools in the State of Florida.

"With the pool experience, we've built a destination for that 'staycation,'" Gary boasts.

Staying put right here is what attracted Adam Croan and his daughter Veronica.

"You got the pool, the children's pool, the slides, the hot tub," Adam rattled off as if he was reading off a checklist.

In August 2012, the Oasis pool closed for a multimillion dollar upgrade that took crews five months to finish.

The pool area holds 500,000 gallons water. The statistic is to be expected at world's largest Marriott hotel.

"Even though the pool is so huge, she couldn't swim across the whole pool," said Adam of his daughter Veronica.

"Carry me!" Veronica asked while crossing the pool.

While some glide across the water in their parents' arms, others paddle across the wide open waters on boogie boards. And then there are the slides.

"I don't think I have been on three water slides in my life," laughs mother Sharon Hayworth.

The new complex offers body, speed and tube slides, effectively giving this hotel property its own water park as well.

When you're ready to take it easy, each lounge chair here comes with a cushion to sink into.

A LEGO creation station has adults and children captivated when taking a moment for rest period.

And when you've worked up an appetite, the new poolside bar and grill allows bathers to stay right on the pool deck.

"It's extraordinary. The slides are great. So we're having a good time," concludes Sharon.

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