More questions in the bribery and bid tampering case of former Brevard Clerk of Courts Mitch Needelman.

Thursday, Needelman, along with a former business partner, was arrested.

Now, the CEO of the Melbourne company accused in the scheme has turned herself in to authorities.

Friday, employees driving in and out of the BlueWare parking lot did not want to speak about the situation involving their business.

Rose Harr, the company's CEO, had a warrant out for her arrest in connection with the investigation of former state representative and Brevard County Clerk of Courts Mitch Needelman.

Investigators said Needelman worked a deal with the document scanning company, giving them a nearly $8 million contract in exchange for contributions for his re-election campaign run.

The company website talks about relocating its headquarters from Michigan to the Space Coast in 2012.

That coincides with the scheme timeline.

Needelman's business partner Matt Dupree, who investigators said brokered the deal, was also arrested.

Investigators said two months before he left office, Needleman also took out a $5.7 million loan for BlueGem, also known as BlueWare, which stuck taxpayers with the bill.

Harr turned herself in to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office around noon Friday.

She too is facing bribery and bid tampering charges. Investigators said he used a $500,000 wire transfer from the Brevard Clerk of Courts Office on May 23, 2012. She paid overdue salaries to employees in Michigan, the IRS, and other expenses.

The State Attorney's Office said the trio will be arraigned together, though no date has been set.