The defense says it has no more witnesses to call in the Cady Way Trail murder trial. Their first witness is refusing to testify, because the voices in his head are telling him not to.

Hector Rodriguez is facing murder charges for his role in the deaths of 18-year-old Jeremy Stewart and 16-year-old Nicholas Presha. He is also not testifying.

Closing arguments will start Wednesday morning.

Jesse Davis, who is already serving a life sentence for his role in the murders, was called to the stand Tuesday afternoon, but he says he will not testify, despite being very forthcoming in his deposition.

Davis' attorney says he means no disrespect, but voices in his head are telling him not to testify, and he feels compelled to listen to them.

Davis has been held in contempt of court.

Davis has a history of mental illness, and there was a question for some time of whether Davis was mentally competent to take part in his own trial.  Eventually he was found competent enough, and took the plea deal for life in prison.

Earlier in the day, Rodriguez's girlfriend and the mother of their son, Brandy Loder, was questioned while the jury was at lunch because investigators found out she's been watching parts of this trial even though she's on the witness list.

She said she misunderstood the rules.

Loder is on the defense's witness list to see what she knows about the night Rodriguez and Jesse Davis met up with the high school students.

Investigators said the victims were trying to trade stolen guns for drugs.

Their bodies were found shot execution-style and burned along the Cady Way Trail.

Loder apologized to the court for watching testimony and admitted she's been paying close attention.

"I've been keeping an eye on it pretty closely because it's affecting someone that I love," Loder said.

The state will ask Loder more about what she learned from following the case in front of the jury, but she will still testify.

The day started with more investigators and evidence from Florida Department of Law Enforcement about the case and the guns found.

Once the state rests, the defense is expected to call Davis to the stand.

Davis has admitted to killing the teens and is serving a life sentence.

He has told conflicting stories, at one point saying Rodriguez was involved. He now says he acted alone.

If convicted, Rodriguez could be sentenced to six life terms in prison.