The animal clinic employee accused of slamming a dog into a wall repeatedly has been fired after a disturbing Youtube video of her handling the dog surfaced this week.

The video was allegedly taken more than a year ago.

The 32-second clip shows the woman, an employee of Emergency Pet Hospital of Orlando on White Road, struggling with a dog on a leash.

She then lifts the dog into the air by the leash and slams the dog into the wall four times.

“It’s very unfortunate, but it did happen and it happened here at the hospital,” said Dr. Mohammad Hassan, who owns the clinic.

He fired the employee Friday morning, days after he was notified of the video.

 “I actually did see this on YouTube like everybody else. I was not made aware about it. I talked to the cops only after it became online,” said Hassan.

The owner of the clinic claims the dog wasn’t injured, but if you take a close look at the video, you can tell the dog already had a cone around his head before he was slammed into the wall.

“It is my understanding that this dog was a rescue dog and did not belong to an owner. He was not hurt and did not need more treatment. At least, that is the statement from all that was there when that happened,” said Hassan.

Employees said they’re now receiving threats aimed at the former employee seen in the video.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office handed the case over to the State Attorney’s Office on Friday.

They’ll decide whether or not to file criminal charges. Dr. Hassan said he will press charges.