United Launch Alliance successfully sent a Delta IV rocket into space Friday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station after a 24 hour delay.

The rocket, carrying a Wideband Global SATCOM satellite, was supposed to lift off Thursday, but was postponed due to an issue with the ground support system helium pressurization line.

According to ULA, the satellite aboard was designed to enhance communication systems for troops in the field.

Weather was not an issue as forecasters gave a prediction of 80 percent favorable weather.

ULA said the launch makes it the fifth one for this year.

The 45th Space Wing provided the following stats about the launch:

The 362nd Delta rocket launch since 1960
The 22nd Delta 4 rocket mission since 2002
The 31st RS-68 main engine used
The 29th-32nd GEM-60 solid rocket motors flown
The 436th production RL10 engine to be launched
The 25th RL10B-2 engine launched
The 18th Delta 4 rocket launch from Cape Canaveral
The 18th use of Delta 4 by the Air Force
The third Medium+ 5,4 configuration to fly
The 60th Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle flight
The 71st United Launch Alliance mission since 2006
The 15th Delta 4 under the ULA banner
The 5th ULA launch this year
The first launch of the Delta family in 2013
The 5th Wideband Global SATCOM satellite
The second Block 2 WGS satellite
The third WGS on Delta 4