An injured loggerhead sea turtle has been rescued in Brevard County.

The Sea Turtle Preservation Society said the three-foot turtle was rescued Thursday morning in a channel at Port Canaveral.

Wildlife experts said they are hoping for the best after rescuing the badly injured sea turtle, which had a huge gash in its shell.

A fisherman spotted the loggerhead around 9:30 a.m. The Sea Turtle Preservation Society was able to assess the young turtle after a boater brought it to shore.

Experts said they see a lot of injured turtles in the busy canal for both big and small boats.

"He's got a full, open injury on his carapace, right in the middle. That's generally associated with boat strikes," said Kathy Parks, with the Sea Turtle Preservation Society. "You can actually see his heart beating through it, so it's a pretty significant injury for this kid."

The loggerhead has been transported to SeaWorld Orlando for rehabilitation.