United Space Alliance says they are laying off over 150 employees across the country -- the majority being here along the Space Coast.

USA said 121 of its workers in Brevard County will be laid off. The reduction represents about six percent of their total workforce.

Following the layoff, USA will have a total 2,263 employees -- with 1,073 of those in Florida, 1,186 in Texas and 4 in other states.

The layoff is due to a reduction in work scope as the Shuttle Transition and Retirement work approaches completion.

All employees who are separated by layoff may receive a severance (one week’s pay for every year of service with a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of 26 weeks.)

This is the ninth layoff USA has conducted as a result of the retirement of the Space Shuttle Program. The first layoff was in October of 2009.

USA operates on and around NASA-Kennedy Space Center, executing operations, design, manufacturing and development contracts. Besides the on-site KSC employees, staff also work at the Design, Refurbishment and Manufacturing Center (DRMC) in Cape Canaveral and in Titusville.