Economic leaders say the region needs to know: what do the presidential candidates have planned for the Space Coast?

The Space Coast Economic Development Commission is challenging both the Obama campaign and the Romney campaign to come and talk space policy with them.

"So we can understand what their future focus is, whether it's research and development, the role of commercial space, heavy lift, " says Lynda Weatherman, CEO of the Space Coast Economic Development Commission.

On Friday the EDC met in Melbourne with President Obama's representatives, including former White House Science Chief Jim Kohlenberger.

He says the president's current plan is for commercial space to handle low-Earth orbit, and NASA's new Heavy Lift Rocket Program, which is one day destined for deep space. He says both prove the Space Coast has the current Commander-in-Chief's ear.

"This is so critical to the Space Coast's future," Kohlenberger said. "Workers here have a right to know what that space plan is going forward. It's critical investments for critical new jobs and things that we do."

The EDC wants to hear from the Romney campaign as well. They've issued an open invitation, but so far a meeting hasn't happened.

Getting both sides, the EDC says, will help them decide which candidate they'll support.

 Jeff Bechdel, Florida Communications Director, Mitt Romney For President issued this statement Friday:

"Governor Romney will provide the clear, decisive, and steadfast leadership the space program requires. As President, Romney will bring together leading officials, researchers, and entrepreneurs to establish clear goals and missions for NASA that fulfill its objectives of spurring innovation, pursuing exploration, and symbolizing American exceptionalism.”