We’ve seen old trains converted to restaurants.

Now, we’ll soon see a plane turned into a restaurant.

It’s a DC-7 to be exact. The name of the new restaurant will be the DC-7 Grille and it will be parked at the New Smyrna Beach Airport.

You can stop by to admire the plane on the tarmac now, but it won’t open for business until January 1.

Crews were moving the plane Sunday afternoon.

The restaurants proprietors are brothers Danny and Anthony Perna.

Danny, who came up with the idea, was inspired by his love of aviation. He’s with Epic Flight Academy.

Anthony will be the chef. In keeping with the family business, DC-7 Grille will be a family friendly restaurant serving food from all over the world in an ambiance of casual elegance.

The DC-7 started flying in the 1950s. This particular plane was the last passenger DC-7 produced, built in 1956. It has flown almost 33,000 hours all over the world.