Red on the radar is Going Green! Just in time for Earth Day, Bright House Networks is firing up a new high-powered solar energy system. It will power our Digital Doppler X3 radar and a Bright House tower in Cocoa.

Digital Doppler X3 takes a lot of power, and that’s exactly what these more than 130 solar panels will be delivering. It pumps out more than enough power for Digital Doppler X3, so much power that it also supplies enough electricity to power nearly four single family homes per year.

“It’s literally using the power of the sun to power something the size of Digital Doppler X3. This latest investment by Bright House Networks helps keep you not only safe from the storms, but gives you a safer, greener environment,” said Jeff Day, News 13 Chief Meteorologist.

The brand new solar system is expected to produce roughly 43,000 kWh of clean energy every year using more than 130 Photovoltaic panels.

Work is also underway to convert one of Bright House Networks’ major facilities in the Tampa area to solar as well. Using 88 solar panels that will be mounted to the roof of the company’s Riverview building, the bright Florida sunshine will generate roughly 28,000 kWh annually - enough energy to power about 2.5 average single family homes per year.

“We are thrilled to introduce this new high-powered solar system, just in time to celebrate Earth Day,” said Mike Robertson, senior vice president, Florida Operations, Bright House Networks. “This clean energy system is part of Bright House Networks commitment to being a good steward in the communities we serve, and we are eager to continue increasing our efforts to become more environmentally conscious.”

Bright House Networks is the parent company of News 13.