Bond was set at $150,000 for George Zimmerman, who also took the stand to apologize to Trayvon Martin's family during the hearing in his second-degree murder case.

Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder for shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February.


In-depth updates

12:15 - De la Rionda asks the media to be patient and wait for the trial.

12:10 - De la Rionda says he will not get into the specifics of the case, says the facts of the case will come out at trial.

12:07 p.m. - Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda speaks to the media.

11:51 a.m. - Press conference with Martin family attorneys is over.

11:49 - Martin family attorney Jasmine Rand says there was some very important evidence presented in regards to Zimmerman's criminal history.

11:44 - Martin family attorney Natalie Jackson calls Zimmerman's apology insulting to the family.

11:41 - "Why today, when he made all those statements to the police, why not show remorse there if he was sincerely apologetic for killing this child,” said Crump. Crump says Trayvon’s father had tears in his eyes during the hearing.

11:39 - Martin Family attorney Benjamin Crump speaks to the media.

11:35 - Press Conference with Zimmerman's attorney, Mark O'Mara, ends.

11:32 - Trayvon Martin's family left the courthouse, did not talk to the media.

11:30 - "It’s easy to say we’re pandering to the family. That was not George’s purpose. The purpose was to look at the request from mom and respond to it. There’s a human side where a young man’s life was lost and that should not be ignored," said O'Mara. 

11:28 - O'Mara says that what Zimmerman said on the stand is all that he wanted to say.

11:23 - In a press conference after the hearing, O'Mara says he saw Trayvon Martin's mother say she wanted to hear from Zimmerman, and his client wanted to respond.

11:15 - The bond hearing is over.

11:11 - Orders no contact with the victim's family. No possession of firearms. No consumption of alcohol. Sets a curfew. Must advise the sheriff's office of his location every three days.

11:10 - Judge Lester sets bond at $150,000 with some conditions.  Zimmerman will not be released today.

11:04 - De la Rionda says the state's position is that Zimmerman has a past of violent crimes that show a lack of adhering to authority, based on the crime the bond should be none or $1 million.

11:02 - O'Mara asks for $15,000 and to allow him to leave the state, and keep his location secret via a gps monitoring device.

10:59 - Zimmerman steps down off the stand. Sybrina Fulton does not look at him.

10:54 - "I wanted to say I am sorry for the loss of your son. I did not how old he was. I thought he was a little bit younger than I am, and I did not know if he was armed or not," said Zimmerman.

10:53 - Zimmerman stands to make a statement to the court

10:52 - O'Mara presents a copy of Zimmerman's medical records regarding his broken nose.

10:46 - Gilbreath says evidence says the gunshot was in close proximity due to powder burns on the sweatshirt and stippling.

10:44 - O'Mara asks if there is evidence that contradicts Zimmerman turned back to his car. Gilbreath says he has nothing to indicate he did or did not do that.

10:40 - Gilbreath says he does not know who started the fight.

10:38 - Gilbreath is asked about what evidence there is that Zimmerman followed Martin. Gilbreath said there was a witness that observed shadows or figures running by her residence. Gilbreath says a call Martin was on is also evidence.

10:35 - O'Mara objects to a line of questions from the prosecutor about a possible confrontation between Zimmerman and Martin.

10:30 - Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda questions Gilbreath about the probable cause affidavit.

10:25 - Gilbreath says the State Attorney's Office did not personally analyze the audio recordings. 

10:20 - O’Mara questions Gilbreath, underlining the following portion of the probable cause affidavit: “Zimmerman who didn’t want the person he falsely assumed was going to commit a crime to get away before the police arrived.” O'Mara says investigators used "antagonist" words in the arresting affidavit.

10:15 - Investigator Dale Gilbreath is questioned about "profiling."

10:08 -- New witness: One of two investigators with the state Attorney's Office takes the stand.

10:05 -- Gladys Zimmerman says George volunteered as a mentor for young kids, and mentored two black kids in a rough neighborhood.

10:00 -- Gladys Zimmerman says she is aware her son is charged with second-degree murder. She is retired, and swears to abide by the conditions of bond, if granted. She says she is aware of George's previous arrests, and testified about George's history of coming to the defense of others.

9:51 -- Gladys Zimmerman, George's mother, calls in via phone.

9:50 -- Trayvon Martin's father, Tracy Martin, is seen chuckling after Zimmerman's father says he would "turn the other cheek." Robert Zimmerman says his son was always interested in criminal justice, and was aware of George's involvement in neighborhood watch. He says he saw scars on the back of George's head the morning after the shooting, after "his head was beaten in."

9:40 -- Robert Zimmerman Sr., George's father, calls in via phone. He vouches for his son, saying he will fulfill the conditions of bond, if granted. He says he is a disabled veteran, and does not have great income, and plans to put his home up for sale to help pay for his son's release.

9:35 -- Shelly Zimmerman says her husband has gone to anger management classes after a previous arrest for battery against an officer.

9:30 -- Shelly Zimmerman says she left Florida. While her husband was in hiding, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was monitoring his activities. She also says she has gotten hate mail.

9:25 -- Shelly Zimmerman admits she was aware her husband has had prior incidents with police officers. She says she will show up for court, and testifies that she is a nurse and a student, but is currently not working.

9:15 -- Shelly Zimmerman, George's wife, calls in to the hearnig via telephone. She said she has been married to George for five years.

9:10 -- O'Mara turns over Zimmerman's passport to the court.

9:05 a.m. -- George Zimmerman is in Courtroom 5D, wearing a suit and tie. Attorney Mark O'Mara is seated at his right. Also in the courtroom are Florida state attorney Angela Corey, Trayvon Martin's parents and theri attorney, Benjamin Crump.