A school that has used Brevard in its name for five decades is altering its name.

Brevard Community College’s Board of Trustees voted Monday morning to change its name to Eastern Florida State College.

It's a required move as the school becomes a state college and moves towards offering four-year degrees next year.

The school said approximately 200 people participated in written surveys, focus groups and BCC's Facebook page. More than 70 names were suggested, but less than 10 were handed to President Dr. Jim Richey.

Research showed most wanted a name that reached beyond the county's borders.

It's only the second name change in its history. The school was first known as Brevard Junior College, and transformed into Brevard Community College in the 1970s.

The name -- Eastern Florida State College -- will go to the governor during next year's legislative session.

Final approval is expected by July 1, 2013.