Steve Efland: Lacrosse coach and culinary leader at Winter Springs High School

By Despina Barton, Bright House Sports Network
Last Updated: Monday, March 04, 2013, 6:29 PM EST
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Steve Efland is not only the head coach to one of the most successful high school girl’s lacrosse programs in Central Florida but he also heads the culinary program at Winter Springs High School. 

Efland has been a fixture on the Bear’s lacrosse sidelines since 2003. Before he was the ‘Coach of the Year’ and even before he was a teacher he started his career path in the kitchen.

“I worked my way through college in the dining hall, washing dishes and helping out in the kitchen,” explained Efland. “I’ve just done a lot in the food industry and it’s kind of been part bred into me.”

Click on the video link for the complete story.

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