Aphrodite Jones says she'll expose new evidence after Casey Anthony trial

By Allison Walker, Entertainment Reporter/Anchor
Last Updated: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aphrodite Jones, author and host of "True Crime" (Investigation Discovery, Thursdays at 10 p.m.), is giving us a fresh perspective on the case against Casey Anthony.

I spoke with the veteran journalist recently, and she didn't bite her tongue on much. The following is just a portion of our entire conversation, which you can watch watch NOW Watch Video.

Check back Wednesday as we tackle a new topic pertaining to the high-profile murder trial.


ALLISON WALKER: Does anything frustrate you right now in terms of what evidence you feel that they don't have - that you're just itching to expose?


I can't talk about it, because it's been ruled as non- [she stops her sentence, then continues].

The judge has made, you know, they accuse the judge as being pro-prosecution and against the defense, when the reality is this judge, in my opinion, has been very fair, and is doing what any judge would do. [He's] not making any decisions that are going to allow his case to be overturned on appeal.

So people who want to present this judge as being biased, in my opinion, I've not seen anything he's done thus far that's biased. What I see is somebody who's very evenhanded.

There are certain elements that have been disallowed into court and would have further condemned Casey Anthony that we need to be able to expose and explore after the fact.


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