SeaWorld manatee visits Florida Hospital Celebration, gets CT scan

By Christie Zizo, Digital Media Producer
Last Updated: Friday, June 02, 2017, 10:33 PM EDT

Florida Hospital Celebration performed a CT scan recently -- on a manatee.

Tom, a 4-year-old manatee, came to the hospital because the veterinarians at SeaWorld needed a 360 degree look at the sea cow's lungs and find out why he wasn't doing well.

What does the inside of a manatee look like? The CT scan of Tom the manatee at Florida Hospital Celebration. (SeaWorld)

Tom was brought to SeaWorld Orlando on April 1 with injuries caused by a boat strike.

"He's got a series of parallel wounds, and that is where the propeller hit," said Dr. Lara Croft with SeaWorld.

Tom was found floating abnormally. But after two months in care, he was still suffering from pneumothorax, or air outside his lung, SeaWorld said.

SeaWorld took Tom to Florida Hospital Celebration because it has one of the largest CT scanners in Central Florida -- big enough for a manatee. 

It's the first time SeaWorld has ever performed a CT scan on a manatee.