Disney princesses get drunk, twerk in 'Disenchanted'

By Allison Walker Torres, Entertainment Reporter/Anchor
Last Updated: Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 12:34 PM EDT

Everything you've ever thought about Disney princesses is about to fly right out the castle.

Disenchanted is a hit musical comedy, now in town at The Plaza Live. But leave your little daughters with the sitter. Ariel might be drunk. Cinderella hates "her freaking shoes." Snow White can "Te-he" and "Ah-ha" it up all night while sending vulgar messages to her prince "charming."

These ladies are unfiltered, to say the least. They might remind you of some of your real-life girlfriends more than the animated versions do.

Here's the official show description from the production's website:

"Poisoned apples. Glass slippers. Who needs ’em?! Not Snow White and her posse of disenchanted princesses in the hilarious hit musical that’s anything but Grimm. Forget the princesses you think you know – the original storybook heroines have come back to life to set the record straight. After multiple sold-out runs nationwide, these royal renegades tossed off their tiaras to bring their hilariously subversive, not-for-the-kiddies musical to you – and what you thought about princesses will never be the same!"

We met up with actresses Shelby Ringdahl (Snow White), Madison Hayes-Crook (Cinderella), Ann Paula Bautista (Mulan), and Madison Tinder (Little Mermaid) at The Plaza Live. It's rare that we do an entire interview "in character," but the girls delivered - big time.

ALLISON WALKER TORRES: So, Snow, what do you do? What are your rituals before the show?

SNOW WHITE: Well, I warm up with all of the 7 Dwarfs names: Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, I don't know. Anyway, I go through all of them - I always forget one of them now and then. And then I - Oh, where are the girls!? Cinderella! Mulan! Ariel! The show starts in 5 minutes. What are you doing?

MULAN: (Planking) I'm getting my mind in the game.

SNOW: This is not what we practiced.

MULAN: I'm focusing.

SNOW: On what?

MULAN: On my core.

CINDERELLA: The worst part of being a princess? Well, let me start with these freaking shoes, OK? They're made of glass. Hard. And sharp. And sometimes it shatters. On your feet.

SNOW: Oh, Ariel (who's pressed up against a ladder). What are you doing?! You're supposed to cut off [boozing] an hour before the show starts!

ARIEL: I was practicing my twerk and I got tired (twerks).

SNOW: (Covers her up - turns to our camera) Te-he! We'll be ready for the show, don't worry. Ah-ha!

ARIEL: So I'm drinking the liquids. It's very scientific. So I can become one with - come see the show. Woooooooo!! Hm. Yea.

So all of that was ad-libbed and you can imagine just what they pull off during the scripted production.

Disenchanted is at 8 p.m. through April 20, 2017 at The Plaza Live. Tickets start at $37.